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Octopod Culinary

Yerba Crack

Yerba Crack

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Yerba Mate tea like you've never seen: Yerba Crak

A Yerba Mate in powder form

Higher extraction... faster delivery 🚀 

This is for the yerba enthusiast that wants to take things up a notch. 

Yerba Crak uses the same Premium Yerba leaves used in our Craken Yerba, but goes the extra step of being ground on the same stones that matcha producers in Japan use.

The result is a powder that is 100% yerba but is concentrated and delivers a faster 

The ultimate experience of a clean caffeine high that encourages focus, productivity.

All of the Yerba mate I'm sourcing is responsibly sourced direct from the farmers growing the yerba plants. 

You see "responsibly sourced" used a lot in tea and coffee marketing. What does it mean here?

It means I'm compensating these wonderful family run operations to focus on quality not quantity.  

The difference shows up in the cup 10x

By using traditional farming methods, not rushing production and keeping the stem content near-zero, this Yerba delivers the tastiest focus-buzz you've had in the Yerba world. 

Whereas most yerba preps call for ounces of leaves per serving, Yerba Crak only needs a heaping 1/4 tsp per cup.

That's right. Just a heaping 1/4 tsp per 10-12oz of water is needed.

To Brew: 

Add 1-2oz of room temperature water to the Yerba Crak and stir with a spoon to ensure fully dissolved. (takes 5 seconds)

To finish, simply add ~10oz of hot (185F) water; sip and enjoy the focused rush as you enter the Yerba Zone!   


Your Yerba Crak comes in a nifty-cool jar with a baggie enclosed that contains the "Crak". This is to minimize loss and keep the powder easy to use. 

4 fl oz jar

Yield: (22) heaping 1/4 tsp servings

*Note: Individuals have differing sensitivities to caffeine. The serving amount given should be used as a starting point and titrate up or down based on your personal preference

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Carey

The absolute best


Yerba Crack

Doobie Samuel
Best caffeine source ever

We all drink beverages containing caffeine for the energy boost. What I enjoy most about Crack is how I do not get any jitters, anxiety, stomach discomfort, or massive comedown after its half-life. The effects are extremely smooth and uplifting. The flavor is grassier than matcha and has a pleasant nutty/starchy taste component. Only issue is that it doesnt dissolve completely and there is settling at the bottom. While I obviously appreciate a brewed yerba tea too, I really love this stuff because it's so fast and easy to drink on the go. I'm literally drinking some right now. Thanks Octopod for such a great product.

Brendan Rafferty

Yerba Crack


I always wanted to try Yerba Mate but didn't want to get the entire setup for the leaves. Well, Yerba Crak filled that void. Easy, relatively instant. Good energy without the possible gut issues associated with coffee. Do yourself a favor. Get some.

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