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Octopod Culinary

Octopod Premium Coffee (Free Shipping in USA)

Octopod Premium Coffee (Free Shipping in USA)

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How Much Better Would Your Morning Start if You had the Freshest Roasted, Highest Quality Coffee to Wake Up To?

Bursting with Flavors of fresh fruits 🍒 🍇 , dried nuts 🌰 , even honey 🍯 . 

And you never have to leave home to get it!



Octopod Blend 🇪🇹 🇰🇪 🇨🇴:

Tasting Notes:  Cherry, Red Grape, Black Currant, Dark Chocolate

I rarely do coffee blends, as you know, since I like to focus on single origin coffees. However, there are times when you have 3-4 dynamite coffees that it's foolish not to combine and make something magical. 

That's what we have here with Octopod 2023 Blend. Juicy, fruity and chocolatey, this hits all points on your palate and makes the best cold brew you've ever had in your life.   

This will probably be the only blend this year and it's mindblowing 🤩 

Brazil 🇧🇷 (Natural Process):

Tasting Notes:  Chocolate 🍫, Orange, Cashew 🥜  

This coffee is harvested from a micro-lot on the farm, that is 100% female owned. This happened to coincide with Nat'l Women's Month so the addition was logical.

Mind you, this coffee stands up to any Brazilian and has amazing flavor characteristics. Where most holidays are just trophy ceremonies, this coffee is an absolute show stopper. Perfect any time of day (see tasting notes) this is a coffee operation deserving of praise.  


What Makes This Subscription Different?

To ensure maximum quality and freshness subscriptions are sent out within 36 hours of the roasting time finish. This will usually occur between the 2nd/3rd week of each month. 

For those wanting to try it out, there's an option for a one time purchase

How Does It Work?

Each month:

(2) different 10oz selections will be sent to give you the best new premium coffee experience each month. Selections are based on availability, seasonality and optimal quality. 

Thought Process: 

🐙 provides you coffee’s from both ranges of the spectrum, that are solidly premium and artisanal. As my roaster said, “Coffee isn’t just a beverage… it can be a story with an experience”. That’s what you will have when you pour these incredible coffee’s.

Expect alternating regions, processes, gesha, naturals... you name it! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Adam Howarth
Great Flavor Profiles & Variety

Appreciate the overnight shipping, the very recent roast dates and the exposure to different regions and flavor profiles. Do wish there were some different weight options. This typically makes it 3 weeks of the month for me. The coffee is fantastic.

Thomas Adams

I usually like oily coffee beans, but these both had very good and distinct flavors. Neither were bitter, and tasted very good.

Ryan Neuville
Head and shoulders above competition

tried a lot of other “premium” coffee subscriptions and this was the first time I was truly blown away by an offering. Sinply the best beans you can buy

Timothy Reeves

The flavors are out of this world!

My kids call this “dads new favorite coffee” and they know they can’t have any.

Austin Foust
Finally Tasted Coffee

Been drinking coffee black every morning for years and could never taste all the different notes that each brand told me I would. First sip of this coffee, it was like my taste buds exploded with flavor and I finally tasted what great coffee really is!

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