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Octopod Culinary

Octopod Premium Coffee

Octopod Premium Coffee

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How Much Better Would Your Morning Start if You had the Freshest Roasted, Highest Quality Coffee to Wake Up To?

Bursting with Flavors of fresh fruits 🍒 🍇 , dried nuts 🌰 , even honey 🍯 . 

And you never have to leave home to get it!

Free Shipping US (contact for Int'l Rates)


Here's a look at what we sent out for May!

May 2024 is featuring (2) Natural process coffees from some really unique coffee varietals grown by microlot producers that are shipping flavor bomb coffees with exquisite flavors. 

Brazil 🇧🇷 

REGION: Sul De Minas, Brazil

VARIETY: Catuai, Mondo Novo, Acaia

PROCESS: Natural


Tasting Notes: Maraschino Cherry 🍒, Chocolate 🍫, Caramel

The estate, headed by Señor Ferreira, is located in the southern part of Minas Gerais. It has devoted 130 hectares to the production of coffee, which are all picked by hand, which is quite rare in Brazil!

The family have been producing coffee In the region for over three generations. Their goal is to improve and increase productivity with respect to the environment and the local workforce, which is a major part of the operation.

Along with the emphasis on coffee, there is also strong emphasis on social improvement. All of the local workers receive social support, such as schooling for their children, workforce training, and environmental education.

By supporting this farmer and his operation it's a win-win. Delicious, quality coffee and supporting a local economy in a meaningful way ❤️  

Ethiopia 🇪🇹 


VARIETY: Kurume, Welicho

PROCESS: Natural


Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Berries, Floral

This farm is stretched out over the highlands and valleys of the Odo Shakisso woreda. The volcanic soil found on the farm is very fertile. Tesfaye keeps the soil in shape by organic recycling through litterfall, root residue from coffee and shade trees.

These coffees are all Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified which supports the quality work they are putting in. 

Tesfai works together with 171 outgrowers that deliver cherries to the washing and Drying Station. Besides partnering up with outgrowers, he owns another 221 hectares in the highlands of Guji. 

The famers, coffees and resulting flavors speak for themselves when you brew a cup. At Octopod Premium Coffee we just pride ourseleves on roasting the coffees to their perfect doneness! so you can enjoy the rest. 🙏 


What Makes This Subscription Different?

To ensure maximum quality and freshness subscriptions are sent out within 36 hours of the roasting time finish. This will usually occur between the 2nd/3rd week of each month. 

For those wanting to try it out, there's an option for a one time purchase

How Does It Work?

Each month:

(2) different 10oz selections will be sent to give you the best new premium coffee experience each month. Selections are based on availability, seasonality and optimal quality. 

Thought Process: 

🐙 provides you coffee’s from both ranges of the spectrum, that are solidly premium and artisanal. As my roaster said, “Coffee isn’t just a beverage… it can be a story with an experience”. That’s what you will have when you pour these incredible coffee’s.

Expect alternating regions, varietals, processes... you name it! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Very high quality!

Amadeo Garcia

Some of the best coffees I’ve had. Once you’ve had these beans it is hard to drink coffee from anywhere else.

Shuki from Nazareth
Best coffee

I couldn't wait to receive this month's coffee selection. The aromas from these beans were so powerful they penetrated through the packaging and did not disappoint in flavor when ground and brewed.


I don’t know much about food and drink but I know what I like.

This coffee is amazing, smell and taste.

Adding this to our fave new family products of 2023.

Well done Octopod!


Octopod delivers on his promises of quality and taste every month. Premium coffee beans that you can actually tell the difference from your everyday cafe. Highly recommend.

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