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Octopod Culinary

Octopod Premium Coffee

Octopod Premium Coffee

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How Much Better Would Your Morning Start if You had the Freshest Roasted, Highest Quality Coffee to Wake Up To?

Bursting with Flavors of fresh fruits 🍒 🍇 , dried nuts 🌰 , even honey 🍯 . 

And you never have to leave home to get it!

Free Shipping US (contact for Int'l Rates)


Here's a Look at the September Roasts sent out:

Ethiopia 🇪🇹 (Washed Process):

Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Lemon, Peach

In Yirgacheffe, up in the mountains at ~7200ft elevation, is a washing station at the top of a  tall and skinny mountain that overlooks the hills of Kochere. Reko, translated in Afaan Oromo, means “challenge” and thus refers to the challenge of climbing the mountain.

The washing station sets the bar high for neighboring washing stations because they help to sustain coffee communities and consistently deliver exceptional coffees, year after year.


Colombia 🇨🇴  (Washed Process):

Tasting Notes:  Tangelo, Lychee, Raw Honey

From a small farm in Colombia 6500 ft  sea level, Faver and his family run this coffee plantation with about 6 people year round, hiring approx 8-10 pickers during harvest. 

This particular coffee is the coveted 'pink bourbon' varietal which has an incredible complexity, expression and sweetness. Making it a prize for coffee enthusiasts... when roasted properly 

What Makes This Subscription Different?

To ensure maximum quality and freshness subscriptions are sent out within 36 hours of the roasting time finish. This will usually occur between the 2nd/3rd week of each month. 

For those wanting to try it out, there's an option for a one time purchase

How Does It Work?

Each month:

(2) different 10oz selections will be sent to give you the best new premium coffee experience each month. Selections are based on availability, seasonality and optimal quality. 

Thought Process: 

🐙 provides you coffee’s from both ranges of the spectrum, that are solidly premium and artisanal. As my roaster said, “Coffee isn’t just a beverage… it can be a story with an experience”. That’s what you will have when you pour these incredible coffee’s.

Expect alternating regions, processes, gesha, naturals... you name it! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Stephen M.
Great Product

Perfectly roasted craft coffee with a taste you CANNOT buy in stores. This stuff plays in the same league as my local NYC-area craft roaster and that’s saying something.

Will definitely be buying more next go-round

Ian E.
Incredibly fresh, mind-blowing taste

This is the best tasting and freshest coffee I’ve ever brewed in my own home. The taste is next level, it’s so much “deeper” in flavor than any other beans I’ve had. So worth the price. Super smooth, not bitter, and distinct flavors in each variety. I used a French press and the results were incredible.

Steve Della-Calce
Best Coffee I've Ever Bought

been a long time coffee drinker and thought I knew what quality beans were.. until I started drinking Octopod's.

Serious mentality shift and his coffee is now the bar I measure against when drinking or buying beans from anywhere else.

Seriously do not skip on this, worth every penny.

Susan D.
Like a fine wine these coffees deliver

I grind my coffee beans each day before brewing yet I never appreciated what flavor could be experienced before I tried Octopod Culinary coffee. I drink my coffee black and taste is important. I enjoy multiple cups during day and the different coffees add variety. The ETH/KEN/COL has been my favorite of the four I have purchased. Opening the bag, smelling the beans, grinding them, brewing and then savoring the taste is like opening a fine bottle of wine- not to be chugged on your way out the door but sipped in a fine cup.

Adam Howarth
Great Flavor Profiles & Variety

Appreciate the overnight shipping, the very recent roast dates and the exposure to different regions and flavor profiles. Do wish there were some different weight options. This typically makes it 3 weeks of the month for me. The coffee is fantastic.

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