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Craken Yerba

Craken Yerba

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Yerba Mate tea leaves like you've never had. 

Experience a clean caffeine high that encourages focus, productivity... and tastes wonderful. 

This Yerba does not taste like a mouthful of liquid hay that you need to chug down. 

By sourcing directly from farmers in Argentina, this organic and responsibly sourced Yerba Mate tea is grown for optimal flavor and function.

You see "responsibly sourced" used a lot in tea and coffee marketing. What does it mean here?

It means I'm compensating these wonderful family run operations to focus on quality not quantity.  

The difference shows up in the cup 10x

By using traditional farming methods, not rushing production and keeping the stem content near-zero, this Yerba delivers the tastiest focus-buzz you've had in the Yerba world. 

No need for added sweeteners, just add water.

In addition to a fresh green, grassy flavor the undertone flavors deliver a fragrant honeysuckle character that comes across as sweet on the palate. But there's no sugar added here. 

Whereas most yerba preps call for ounces of leaves per serving, this premium grade yerba only needs 2 tsp per cup.

That's right. Just 2 tsp per 10-12oz of hot water is needed.

To Brew:

Simply steep for 2-3 mins in a french press or tea bag with ~10-12oz of hot (185F) water and strain. 

But wait, there's more!

You can take the same tea and steep an additional 3-4 times for maximum extraction. Simply add 1 minute to each steeping. 

8 fl oz jar

Yield: (24) 2 tsp servings

*Note: Individuals have differing sensitivities to caffeine. The serving amount given should be used as a starting point and titrate up or down based on your personal preference

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