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Craken Bird Seasoning

Craken Bird Seasoning

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Crafted with spices and seasonings to amplify the natural flavor and sweetness of poultry.

The finest fleur de sel guerande and the addition of dried citrus bergamot peel, pearl onion, chives plus other spices adds an extra dimension of flavor.

This seasoning elevates turkey, chicken, duck, quail or squab. 

Perfect for roasting, sauteing or grilling.

Jar Size: 4oz

Net Wt: 3oz 

Ingredients: Fleur de Sel, Citrus Bergamot Peel, Pearl Onion, Chive, Spices

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Customer Reviews

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Susan D.
Perfect when roasting a turkey

I used this Bird Seasoning on my Christmas turkey and the flavor truly was Wizard level. The seasoning on the crispy skin makes you want to just eat the skin. Looking forward to using it on some Cornish Game Hens on NYE.

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